During her career, Janice Morgan served as a college professor and administrator. She has written articles about French-speaking literature and cinema, publishing in journals such as the French Review, Cinema Journal, and the Quarterly Review of Film and Video. Along with writing, she enjoys gardening, reading, long walks, hiking, exploring historic cities, and watching good movies—especially indies and foreign films. With community groups, she now advocates for better mental health awareness, substance abuse recovery, and criminal justice reform.

She and John live together in Kentucky after having spent significant parts of their lives in other places: for her, Minnesota, Indiana, California, and France. Though Janice always knew her paternal grandfather grew up in Kentucky, it was only recently that she learned about ancestors who came as pioneers into what was called Kentucky county, Virginia as early as the 1780s. Curiously, these places are not far at all from the hill country route traveled by the author/narrator many years later, as described in an episode toward the end of Suspended Sentence.